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Support Our Troops Well Howdy Yall ,, we are gong through a restructure of staff ,, and will see yall shortly ..

      We here at Winding Road Society feel our purpose and duty is to help support our physically and/or mentally wounded soldiers, our returning troops, and veterans. To recreate modern, eco-friendly working farms, introduce aquaponics, organic gardens, greenhouses, and  livestock management. We are total energy sufficient as well. Our clients come to learn many different things, as well as attend courses that will prepare them for the outside world with working trades.

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We provide help to our returning veterans and wounded warriors by creating an environment where they can come to learn and heal. We  provide a healing environment , with experienced, compassionate therapists and counselors for mental and physical therapy and have them available on all of our properties. Natural healing is very important to us. The use of herbs, and old home remedies, have been around for centuries, and we use them all. We provide all different types of natural healing by using plants, herbs, and teas, as well as acupuncture and massage.

We  help the many severely injured by assisting them to purchase Track Chairs , to get them out into the open aired country, USA.

We teach people to be self reliant, to make things with their hands again . We promote the barter and trade system while at the Ponderosa, and educate all on the use of our many natural resources, something that is very important to us . We feel that it’s vital to have the knowledge necessary to access our natural resources in a more environmentally friendly, and responsible way, and to become energy independent.

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As we support the 2nd Amendment, a gun range and bow target practice area are also on site so that our veterans can come practice, and use the surrounding acreage to hunt with Track chairs if they are severely injured.

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We can do this together. Please use the links below for all those who want to help by contributing to this noble and worthy cause.

You can also donate directly using a secure credit card processor

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